Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Better in Real Life

Before Washing
So, in keeping with catching up on some of the things I did during my blogging absence, I present some of the least-impressive-looking weaving I did.  These are the linen face cloths from Handwoven Home.  

After Washing
After Washing
It was another WAL over on Yarnworker.  I was not particularly interested in the pattern as I looked at it in the book, and I considered skipping it, but I am glad I did not, for several reasons.  First off, I always learn so much doing her weave-alongs.  Second, the more I weave, the more I improve.
Third, I have never woven with linen and was happy to have the support.   Linen may never become my favorite fiber to weave with, but the effort was worth it, to me.

Anyway, these are not particularly impressive looking pieces.  They do look better in person, as I just could not take a decent photo.  Washing them transformed the pieces so much.  They softened a lot and have been put into use here at home.  That makes them a success in my book, and I think I might weave more of these.

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