Friday, November 09, 2018


I did another WAL over on Yarnworker, and I felt like I was behind from the start.  We wove rugs and covered two different patterns.  The two selections from Handwoven Home are the Two-Color Krokbragd Rug and the Fabric Stash Rag Rug.  Well, I didn't have all the materials for the Krokbragd, so I went for the Fabric Stash Rag Rug.

It was a fun weave.  My biggest stresses came from my own error following the pattern, but it worked out just fine.  Then I had another oopsy and could not continue weaving, and it actually made my previous mistake something that worked very well.  I like it so much, that I haven't put this on the floor to be used.  I need to get over that. 

 As always, I learned a lot through this process.  I want to weave more rugs, and maybe even get a temple.  I enjoyed this weave-along so much and learned enough that I decided to tackle a bit of Krokbragd, but that's a story for another day.   
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