Saturday, November 24, 2018

Should Have Set Aside More Time for This

Sure, I still have hope that increased experience will translate to increased speed, but right now, I am just slow.  Yeah, that could apply to many things, but tonight we're talking about decorating the balls I have knit for the Knit Ball Pit.  I have only finished a few, and I haven't even attempted any of the elaborate ideas I have.  And to make matters worse, I don't feel like they look as good as they should.  I even snipped and reworked one, but I'm glad I took the time for that because I would not have felt right sending it.  

Anyway, I'm thinking about making a bit of a schedule for the finishing work on these.  You know, something like embellishing a minimum of seven each week.  That seems doable and will give me time to get them off in the post before the end of the year.  Yes, it might be bumping up against being ambitious, but I think once I really get going with it, it will help me keep going.  Ah, if only I had set November goals, maybe I would be in a better place with all of this.       
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