Monday, November 26, 2018

A Mitt-Vember Miracle

There I was, innocently popping over to Ravelry, where someone had shared a gorgeous hat (and mitten) pattern.  I instantly adored it but tried to talk myself out of it by saying that it wouldn't fit my big head.  Besides, my unfinished mittens were right when they objected from their bags.  So, I backed away from the pattern (Confession:  I left the tab open) and moved on with my day.  Then I decided to do a bit of thumb wrestling.  Yep, it was time.  

Imagine my surprise when I opened the bag and found only the needles and one mitten and none of the yarn for finishing it.  Now why I had bagged up only one of the mittens and not the other and the yarn is a mystery to me.  The good news is that the location of the other unfinished mitten and yarn did not remain a mystery.  The even better news is that I finished them.  The bad news is that you only get this non-photogenic picture of them soaking.  
p.s.  Even more good news?  The pattern fairy sent me a gift of the hat and mitten set!    
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