Thursday, November 08, 2018

How Much Are You Really Going to Knit?

I am, of course, talking about packing knitting for a trip.  It's always the same questions, always the same plans, always the same ideas.  Why must we make this so complicated?  I suppose it is not for the "monogamous" knitters.  They just bring the current project, and possibly whatever is next in the queue.  But that's not me, so there is rumination, wishful thinking, superstition, and good intentions "helping" me decide.  I mean, for a moment, we will even set aside issues of space, and it really doesn't simplify things much. 

So, what am I thinking about when I think about packing my knitting for a trip?

  • The UFOs
    • How many can I quickly remember?
    • Can I find any of them?
    • Do I want to finish any of them?  
    • Bringing nothing but these will definitely make me finish one or more. 
  • The Teeny-Tiny Mochimochiland patterns  
    • How much stuffing do I need?
    • Physical or electronic patterns? 
    • How many different colors of yarn should I bring?
    • Should I try to knit all of one pattern or a variety of different patterns?
    • Wouldn't it be neat to knit one for everyone I see while there and one for everyone I miss while I'm away?
  •   Gifts 
    • What if I only work on gift knitting?
    • Gosh, I don't have much gift knitting planned this year.
    • If I really keep at it, I can make something for everyone.
    • Maybe I should just skip gift knitting this year.
  • How Much Do I Think I Will Really Knit?
    • There are about 16 hours in the car, round trip.
    • Oh, but I could be driving part of that time.  
    • Then again, I might just be sleeping--I'm already very tired.  
  • Superstition
    • If I bring a lot of knitting, there will be no traffic problems.  
    • If I bring my knitting with me everywhere, we will stay so busy doing such fabulous things that I will not have time to knit.  
    • If I have my knitting, my mental wellbeing is assured to be stable.  
Hrm...maybe I should just bring the Kindle and its charger.      
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