Wednesday, November 28, 2018

I Suppose it Depends on What You Think

By that, I mean embroidering on the thumbs of a mitten is either more difficult or exactly as difficult as you think.  Although in the end, it was totally worth it.  I say that not because I did such a great job with it, but because the little bird looked like an ugly blob without the embroidered details.  Now, it kind of reminds me of a lumpy version that jerk chickenhawk in the cartoons, so, improvement?   

Anyway let us go back in time to the knitting days of yore.  The pattern:  Bird in Hand by Kate Gilbert, the knitwear designer who spread TheClap to so many.  I admired it and considered getting the pattern and knitting a pair, but I did not.  Fast-forward, and a different Pattern Fairy sent it to me.  Then I began knitting these, and then they sat.  I cannot account for my time.  I did not document.  Life, the world, and just generally being me, m'kay?  

For the yarn, I chose this color combination.  It is somewhat similar to the only pair of gloves I've ever knit.  That's right, I already knew that the colorwork would not be very clear and I did it anyway.  Not only that, I mixed alpaca and wool yarns.  I love how soft alpaca is, but it is kind of dead in comparison to wool's liveliness.  So, that's going to be an enjoyable and winning combination for knitting colorwork, yeah? 

I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that I'm finished making these.  For a pair of mittens I like so well, I sound really negative, eh?  These are really nice, warm mittens.  The softness of all those alpaca floats is very nice, and adds to the wearing experience.  Also, there is a small bird on each thumb!     

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