Thursday, November 01, 2018

Little Bits Here and There

It certainly has been a bit since I checked in here.  Actually, that's not true; I have been here several times, though I have nothing but half-hearted, barely started drafts to show for it.  Life has been challenging.  There's been the personal stuff that isn't particularly interesting or unique, but it still takes its toll.  Then there's the big stuff happening in the world that has been rather a lot to process, but there are many people fighting the good fight, and we each do what we can.  So that's us caught up then, eh?  Yeah, this is why I have so many discarded drafts.  Perhaps we should move on to something I have made.  Yes, that's probably best.  

I set a Ravelry goal of knitting sixty things this year.  While that seems rather ambitious, and in some ways it is, it is not as unrealistic as it might seem.  I planned to knit a teeny-tiny-mochimochiland item each week.  I even had a blogging plan to go with it, but you can see how well I did with that.  Anyway, some weeks I have knit none, and some weeks I have knit more than a couple, so it is all working pretty well.  This summer I knit these from the Doggie Treats collection.

If only I were making as much progress on my Goodreads goal.  

But wait, there's more!  I've been knitting for the community project--The Knit Ball Pit!  You can see in the picture above the first one I knit, but it needs decorating.  I hope to contribute many more for the children.      
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