Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Change in Plans

On Thanksgiving Eve, all through the house, well, there isn't a poem to go with this, but you get where I was going with it.  We started our Wednesday making our main goals--flu shots for each of us.  Then it was off to one of our Wednesday Family Meals (not every Wednesday, and not just Cracker Barrel anymore, either).  We finished eating, and Bruce made one of his regular pitches--let one of the niece-nephew crew come home with us and spend the night.  Well, finally Bruce is feeling well enough for this to happen, there is no school tomorrow, and Aunt Sarah is a pushover, (and she loves spending time with the kids, too) so we got an overnight guest.  

So prep for tomorrow has not gotten as far as I had hoped.  We did mostly finish the S'more Pies, with the exception of making the whipping cream to top them.  I'm fortunate to have a great assistant to help me with that.  

Now I have the much to do in the morning, and with a little added luck, get a shower before we head out to my brother's house.  I hope the rest of the house sleeps in late because we are all up way too late and I doubt I will get much sleep.  However, I have gotten to play a lot of Nintendo, heard fascinating anatomical pronouncements such as, "Your skin is there so you don't have to see what is under your skin because everything under your skin is the most disgusting thing ever," and fielded questions like, "Do you pee in Heaven?"  

I already have so much to be thankful for, every day.    
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