Monday, November 04, 2019

UM...Today is the 4th of the Month

It is only the fourth today.  That doesn't seem possible.  It really has been very full already, and it is unlikely to clear out anytime soon.  I'm trying to get things sorted.  You know the urgent, it can pop up and look like a lot like the important.  I think I will work on a goals list for this month.  Until then, let's just play Unconscious Mutterings, eh?        
  1. Cancel :: Relief
  2. Optimistic :: Hopeful
  3. Surrogate :: Campaign
  4. Tickle :: Elmo
  5. Amber :: Gris
  6. Stuffy :: Nose
  7. Chaos :: Theory
  8. Desktop :: Icon
  9. Dynamite :: Idea
  10. Holidays :: Too Soon
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