Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Bits

So much and nothing has been happening here. I am trying to figure out a better way of organizing my blog reading. I may need to read fewer, but I do not like that idea. I also do not like being so behind. I will find the right solution. I have many areas of life that need organizational assistance. I guess it is more of the process of life, eh?

I got another package this week. I am hostess of the Caps for a Cure October/November round. I am excited to be able to show them all off before I deliver them. We have over twenty-five already. I have a Koolhaas currently stalled on the needles in need of time to find my error. Otherwise, I am nearly done with the hat.

I read about this back in September, and meant to post about it before now. So far, my contribution consists of some hats and mittens, but I hope to knit more. It just takes a little time, a little yarn, and a little love. If you are so inclined to knit for the preemies, check out the link to Sarah's post. These things are so quick to knit. If that is not enough for you, there is a contest, too!

Speaking of little ones, there is no need for the preemie stuff for the newest addition to the Skanky Knitters Family! We just received word that we increased in size by 8 pounds, 15 ounces in the form of a new baby boy! Welcome to the world, Nathaniel Ryan!

I have much prep work to take care of today. The world-famous Kaitlyn is spending Monday with us. She is an adventurous girl, and I need to secure the environment in order to maximize safety and fun while minimizing the need to tell her, "No, don't touch," all the time. Spinning wheels and fabulous fiber are too tempting to not explore. While she learns to hear that not everything is available to her and that there are limits, I would like to do my best to not present too great of a challenge. I have a thought to take her to The Knitting Zone, my absolute favorite lys. For those of you who know Kaitlyn, fear not, I have a plan. We will see what happens. I guess I had better check first to see if they are open tomorrow.
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