Saturday, October 27, 2007


It could be the full moon, but I am not sleeping. I have a big day ahead. I am going to the Harvest Days and Fiber Festival in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. It is a nice, little event. Many of the Skanky Knitters will attend. My mom is going with me, too. I think it will be a fun day. I do not know whether I will buy a little or a lot, or nothing at all.

If I do not find anything that calls to me at the fiber festival, I will have a somewhat larger Knit Picks order. I have been filling my online cart and emptying it as I make decisions. I think I will get yarn for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, some mittens (colorwork), some socks, and the Halloween vest from my out-of-print Seasonal Fair Isle Vests, more Palette yarn for various colorwork adventures, and maybe one of the Harmony needles (Who said, "Budget"?). I may change my mind again. I am having fun shopping. That cart will hold more than my finances allow.

For someone who flips through EZ books and is not so impressed (blasphemy, I know; I like her stuff, but am underwhelmed by her books), I sure am interested in knitting some of her designs. The BSJ is in time-out due to user error. I have been thinking about knitting her Fair Isle Yoke Sweater, but adding a steek to make it a cardigan. I do not own the book containing the pattern, so I will probably put this off for a while. Still, it speaks to me. I have even considered putting back the yarn for the Tangled Yoke and buying the yarn for this sweater now, and getting the pattern later. Maybe the library has the book. I will go check. Nope. Decisions, eh? Maybe I will find such wonderful stuff at the fiber festival that there will be no room in the budget to order yarn.
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