Monday, September 17, 2007

Autumn for a Day

Saturday was lovely. We got to experience Autumn. We may be back to a warming trend for the weather, but it has not stopped the new Knitty. I checked it out, and I like a few patterns. My needles and life are pretty full right now, so it might be awhile before I get to some of them. Still, I was ready to knit a hat, so I knit Foliage. I have not knit many hats from the top down. It was a bit fiddly at first, but after a few rounds it was easy. I knit Version 2. It calls for worsted weight yarn, while Version 1 calls for Chunky weight yarn. I may have some chunky yarn in the stash. I am not a fan of the chunky yarn, nor do I have much use for it, but I bought a bit when I wanted to knit something for someone and it called for it. That project probably ought to be frogged and might be turned into more of these hats. Anyway, I liked the pattern. It was a quick, easy knit. I got a light lace and chart fix, and hat is always good. I did a modified Emily Ocker cast on (found in Simple Socks Plain and Fancy by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts) instead of beginning as directed. The hat turned out bigger than I had expected, (it fits me) but it is not a problem. I will change needle size and perhaps work one-half fewer repeats of the Leaf Lace Chart the next time I knit this pattern.

This hat will be mailed off by October 1st along with any others I can finish in time. Over at Caps for a Cure, we are taking the month of September to knit hats for Knitting for Noggins. They are looking for all sizes of hats. I will try to make all of my hats larger sized because I figure most people will be knitting smaller ones.
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