Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All Over the Place

My decision to grab a can of soup turned out to be a good one, because I was not up for preparing anything more complicated. I had made my way out to three stores, and as it turned out, that was my limit. I just could not get back out of the house again, even though it would have been to knit with friends.

The yarn is ready for another go at Estonian lace. My difficulty with pulling it off the needles was a bit bizarre. I kept being careful with the lace so as not to lose a stitch even after I knew it needed a restart. I am past that, now, and I as soon as I finish this sock and begin the second, I will get going with it. Those rows will be so much quicker with two repeats fewer, and it should still result in a nice width on the finished piece.

I finally broke down and purchased a new calendar. I do not have high hopes that I will now know what day it is, but perhaps my chances have improved. However, now I am no longer looking at December 2008, and I see how close we are to our next holiday. Can you believe it is almost Groundhog Day?

I no longer rely on Bloglines as my feed reader, but I still keep an eye on it for other information. It is once again going through one of its "worse than usual" phases. Today, it has shown somewhere between 800 and 3200 unread posts in my feeds. Add to this the lag between the time a post goes live and when it shows up in the reader. Yes, they suck. It is a good thing there are better alternatives out there.

If that is not enough random for you, I am all over the place with the desire to knit a sweater. I have been seriously looking at this jacket (love the name), Shauna, Habanero, Vienne, Amused, and Valpuri (all Rav links). I love Shauna and Habanero, but do not currently have the right yarn in the stash. I think I will go with either Amused or Vienne.
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