Sunday, January 04, 2009

Back to Pack

We just got back home. We had a nice visit, but I am so glad to be home. To be more precise, I am relieved to get out of that car. We were not driving our car. Bruce had helped with some vehicle repair/maintenance, and it needed to get out on the road. The car is not small from the outside, but from the inside, it is cramped. Above all, it needs a lot of cleaning. The more bits we noticed, the more anxious I became. At one point, I wished I had left my knitting at home.

We are moving on now. Not only was it nice to see everyone, they had my pillow. No, it is not the one I lost last month, but very similar. I had inadvertently left it behind on last year's camping adventure, and they were so very kind to keep up with it for us all this time.

The travel time did allow for some knitting. The twisted rib cuff of Marlene is done. While that is not much, it did give me a glimpse at how the colors are knitting up in sock form. I have high hopes for the yarn working with the pattern. Next will be the charted portion, and then we will see how well they work together.

Since I did not feel like dipping into an unfamiliar chart, I put Marlene away, and got out the shawl. I think I nearly made it through the first nupp chart. Knitting it in that car was a bit slower than I had hoped. On the ride home, it was dark outside. I had to wear the red LED headlamp to see at all, and the knitting was slower still.

Now it is time to decompress. Seriously. I should probably get out the inversion table and hang for a bit. It is also time to not think about being in the car. Then it is time to pack.
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