Friday, January 23, 2009


I like the way my handspun yarn is working with the Lilac Leaf Shawl. Still, I think I am going to need to frog and start over. If I keep knitting with this number of stitches, the piece will probably be too short. I have been weighing and measuring. When I first began to see that this was the case, I just kept knitting. I needed more information. After I was relatively sure that I would need to rip, I wanted to continue knitting. It felt right to knit lace, and seeing what was happening with my handspun was fun. I even considered knitting the center panel until the remaining yarn weighed the amount necessary to complete the edging, and then evaluating the situation. Instead, I set the piece aside to wait while I avoided thinking about it. Perhaps I miscalculated the yardage of this yarn.

Then there is my current sock. Marlene has now been stalled for days. When I last examined my wip pile, I did not even look at her. I like the way the sock looks so far, and was puzzled as to why I had stopped knitting it. Then a switch flipped and I could see what happened. It is heel-turning time for the sock, and I am stuck because I cannot decide if I want to follow the directions in the pattern or substitute a short-row heel.

Making decisions seems like a tremendous amount of work. The enormous task has been made near impossible with the addition of a horrible headache.
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