Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Greetings from Valdosta, Georgia

We have survived the first day of travel. However, when I sit still, it feels as if I am still moving in the car. That is a bit unsettling. After too many days of not enough sleep, I did manage to catch some shut-eye during the drive. Brucie wanted to leave at two this morning, but I convinced him to wait a couple of hours. I was surprised that he was able to stay awake as long as he did. I think I drove less than two hours today.

Anyway, it is very difficult to take pictures while going down the road. I will not subject you to the blurry attempts to take pictures. Instead, imagine if you will, a very large peanut statue, road construction, a big racetrack, gray drizzle alternating with struggling sunshine, and billboards I am glad my nephew did not choose to read. The nephew has done well. His favorite stop so far was a Truett's Grill for some Chick-fil-A food. He loved the little door, and thought the cow riding the small train around the restaurant was funny, too.

My knitting did not progress too much. I managed a few rows on the shawl. I chose that to work on because the tiger swallowtail is the Georgia state butterfly. Tomorrow will be a much shorter drive for us. The son is driving down in one day, and we will find out if the daughter decided to come along or not. As for me, I am going to finish out this day with some blog-reading and knitting. I cannot express how much wi-fi rocks.
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