Monday, January 26, 2009


I mean this in the best way possible. The other day I decided to invest in a set of blocking wires. They arrived today, and now they just wait for lace. I do have a piece ready to dunk and stretch, but I wanted to try it out on the wires.

I have always wondered about blocking wires. I have gotten along nicely without them all these years. Then again, I got along just fine without a swift or ball winder for quite some time, and I now consider them essential tools. I hope I have made a good decision to purchase them. I certainly knit enough lace to justify the dollars spent.

Speaking of lace, I have been enjoying an inspirational flip through A Gathering of Lace, and Victorian Lace Today. There are so many pieces I want to knit. I took it further with a spin through the Ravelry project galleries. I loved seeing the lace in the different yarns and colors, and reading of the different modifications people made. However, I was reminded to not become too dependent on another knitter's project details. If I did, I would not know whether I needed the 880 yards some people used to knit their pieces, or the 2,000 plus that others report using to knit the same pattern.
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