Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Worth It

Last night, I decided it was time to transform a bumpy bunch of wool into lace, and try out my new tool kit. I love my new blocking wires! They are totally worth the investment to me. I went about the process in a random manner, weaving the wires through the edges of the piece. Before long, it was time for the tape measure, a few t-pins, and made some final adjustments. I am excited for the next blocking adventure.

Another thing that I love about this experience is the finished piece of lace. When the knitting was over, I thought the shawl would be very small. Unfortunately, I ran out of yarn and had to leave off some rows at the end. The finished dimensions of 62"x28" makes for a nice little shawl. This is going to be a gift. I think it will be for Tanya, although there are a few other people I think would be thrilled to receive it. This lovely little piece takes the sting out of frogging my Estonian lace, and now I am excited to restart it.
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