Friday, January 02, 2009

What Does That Say About Me?

Yesterday, I kept reading the greetings for 2009 as wishes for a Preposterous New Year. First, it made me laugh a little, and then it made me think. Yes, that can be dangerous. Anyway, I suppose preposterous beats some of the alternatives.

I have absolutely no progress to show on my knitting. In fact, if I were to show what I have done with the knits, it might be described the opposite of progress. Then again, that frogging was necessary to move forward, so perhaps it is progress.

I had to rip back the Annemor #8 glove and get it going on larger needles. In that process, I took the needles from another knit. The Lace Ribbon Scarf is no more. I just did not enjoy knitting it. I kept setting it aside. Whenever I picked it up again to knit, I only managed a few rows before setting it back down. I really wanted to like knitting it, and I imagined wonderful things about the finished scarf. None of this translated into reality, so I decided to let it go. The yarn is good, and now has the opportunity to become something new.
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