Friday, January 16, 2009

Must Resist Hibernation

I am home, and it is wonderful. Unexpected is the one word I would choose to describe the vacation. It was also a reminder that it is good that I am not in charge of everything. Since we returned, I have spent so much time in bed. Whatever I do, whether knitting, unpacking, or cleaning, it is like moving in molasses. Maybe I really did miss that much sleep. Anyway, I should be back up and running soon.

Speaking of getting back to the schedule, the mail arrived. It was wonderful to be able to put it on
STRNoddingVioletshold while we were gone. Even better was when it all fit in the mailbox when delivery resumed. Most of it was junk, but there was this little gem. I won a skein of STR lightweight in the Nodding Violet colorway. It was one of the wonderful prizes from the hat drive. Thanks, Jean!
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