Monday, January 12, 2009

It Was a Good Run

I planned to keep with the daily blogging. However, on Saturday, a mix of too little time and unbloggable things met, and I let go of the idea. Actually, there were several blogworthy occurrences, but I decided to stay on the cautious side of things. I would hate to hurt feelings, and what is funny to one person may not be humorous to another. Anyway, I surprised myself by making it with the daily posting from November 1 until this past Friday.
Speaking of things that end, tonight is our last night at the house of vacation madness. It is also the first night for the Alaskan people at this location. It has been quite a time. Tomorrow, we begin the trek home. There will be a brief but big side trip during tomorrow's journey. If you are a praying person, please pray for all of us.

There has not been much time for knitting. I think today offered the most. I have been working on Marlene. I am pleased with the way the yarn is working with this pattern.
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