Saturday, January 03, 2009

Scattered Saturday

It is time to nupp the Swallowtail, and I must say that I am glad. We are getting ready to go on a day trip to visit family in Tennessee on Sunday. I do not know how much knitting time the visiting will allow, but the car ride there and back should give me a nice amount.

This is a trip to visit someone getting ready for surgeries next week. We will be out-of-town (more on this later) when it happens, and the convalescence is likely to be one where company is more of a complication than a comfort. That is why we are making the trip tomorrow. We know they will want us to stay overnight, but we just will not have the time. We are so busy.

Tonight we had an impromptu birthday party for my sister. It was so last minute that I did not have her present with me to give her. She will just have to wait for her actual birthday on Tuesday. I think she knows part of what I am giving her. The other day she almost obtained one of the items from another source, but I scolded her firmly until she dropped the subject. I had to be about as subtle as a sledgehammer, and then my nephew piped up that maybe she would get one for her birthday.

Now that I give more thought to tomorrow's road trip, I think socks might be a better idea. Marlene has been whispering to me lately. The Knit Picks Imagination has also been muttering how it has not had a chance on the needles. Perhaps this is the time.
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