Friday, November 08, 2019

Unfinished Friday

The good news is that I finished the thumbs.  The bad news is that I need to rip and extend the tops of the mittens.  I was concerned that they were too short, and now I know that's a fact.  While I am not thrilled with ripping back, at least I hadn't woven in ends already, so that makes the process simpler.  Score one for the time that leaving the ends undone was a good idea, eh?  The additional knitting is not tough to do, and there won't be much of it.  I just want to get these done quickly because it is getting much colder this weekend.  
In other unfinished news, another round trying of getting September's storm damage repaired has begun.  We have the roof, and that is good.  What we don't have repaired is the gutter/soffit/fascia/whateverelsetheycallit that came down during the storm, blocking most of the garage.  You know, the reason we called in the repair people.  The folks that signed on to do the work want us to pay someone else to do this portion of the job.  They say that they cannot complete this portion of the repairs for what they are being paid.  They say they are willing to refund us a sum that I suspect is likely inadequate to hire someone else to complete the repairs.  We're trying to take a moment to catch our breath and then move forward, but it isn't easy.  It seems like this company is not doing right, and that doesn't feel good.       
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