Saturday, November 16, 2019

For the Birds, for Us

We've been doing a little bit of birdwatching around here for the last couple of years.  They say (and "they" are right sometimes) that time spent with nature can boost the mood, calm anxiety, and has other health benefits as well.  

We're doing it on a small scale, watching out the window in the back.  We put out birdseed and a suet block.  We have a birdbath, though we cannot see it from inside the house.  We've looked up the different birds that visit our yard.  We like watching the squirrels, too.  We watch them all through the different seasons. The babies are so cute.  The little cardinals chirp so insistently until mom feeds them.  It's a nice way to spend time.  I hope you're doing something good for you today and every day.  
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