Sunday, November 24, 2019

Results Fuzzy, Try Again*

Not that I really needed the Magic 8-Ball to tell me that, (nor did we need it to predict that I would miss a day of NaBloPoMo, but whatevs) but the pattern isn't showing as well as I had hoped.  It's even worse when I put it on my calf to test sizing.  The picture doesn't show how bad it is.  It's just sad and floppy (twss).  A change in needle size could help, but the yarn has issues of its own.  I've decided to rip and redo with smaller needles, but I've already started thinking about different yarn choices in case different needles don't help.  I gotta tell ya, cabling with this stuff is not my favorite.  Then again, they are just boot toppers, (yeah, still thinking about quick gifts) so it isn't a ton of knitting to complete a pair, and I do like watching the colors change.  If I can't get this pattern to work with this yarn, I might just go with a simple 2x2 ribbing or maybe a waffle.   
  *Yes, I know it is Reply Hazy, Try Again   
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