Friday, November 15, 2019

Random Friday

There used to be themes/topics for days of the week back in the heyday of the knitbloggers.  Yes, the WIP Wednesday, the Saturday Sky, Tuesdays are for Socks, Ten on Tuesday, (I think that one might have become controversial, but I missed out on why it was, and I think I might go back and see if I can find the topics for those ten lists and redo them here) FOAD Thursday, (it's probably perilous for me to bring back that one) and a bunch of others I missed or don't remember, and I make no guarantees of being correct with the ones I just listed.  Anyway, I came in after the height of it all, but before the tail end of those days, I never really was part of the crowd, and most of them have stopped blogging altogether as far as I can tell, so I'm probably safe from the shunning if I'm doing random on a wrong day.  I might search about and see if I can find more knitbloggers and connect.  Then again, I might not.  Sigh.  I better get to the random before this turns into what qualifies as a cohesive topic around here.
  • I've been having some photo difficulties and figured out the camera setting that needed fixing.  I hate the occasions where my pictures have been off, but I'll just move on from it as I can.  My photos may not be as bad as they were with the problem, but they probably still won't be very good.  I mean, the problem I identified has nothing to do with how bad the color was off in the picture I took of the mittens I started this week. 
  • The storm damage home repair woes continue, and they took an upsetting turn this morning.  We've been done wrong by a company, and it puts us in an even more difficult spot than we were before, and we were already in a tough spot.  I cried a lot over this today, and could easily start crying if I think about it much.  We're going to try to move forward as best as we can.  If you need a roofing recommendation, I may not be able to tell you who to use, but I can definitely tell you who to avoid.  
  • Our trip to The Magic City was productive.  We didn't get all the answers we hoped to have, but we have a plan to get more answers.  The cardiologist we saw listened to us and is working to get the best outcome possible.  He discontinued a medicine that could become troublesome, ordered tests, and is working on a plan.  
  • Are you watching Days of Our Lives?  Yeah, it took a big turn this week, and I don't mind seeing how this storyline plays out, although it was a bit jarring when I realized it wasn't just a one-off episode.  What got me was hearing about the long hiatus and everyone being released from their contracts.  Stephen Colbert could have spoken of it a bit more gently and given more information, (yes, that's how I learned of this) but that would not have worked with his monologue.  However, it did send me to the computer to try and get more information while simultaneously avoiding spoilers.  I know that they have episodes to air for many months, but the idea of the show possibly going away sometime next year was pretty upsetting to me.  
  • I found a bit of lace in need of repair.  I must tell you that when I first spotted it, I really did think of just chucking it and knitting a new one, but: 
    1.  I really do have enough lace shawls that I do not need to re-knit and replace this one.
    2.  It is a shawl with a bit of an in-joke (the pattern is The Sheep Shawl, but I knit it out of alpaca).
    3.  Today is not the day to make big decisions like that.  
    4.  This will be good practice for repairing broken lace that I might face in the future. 
    5.  Speaking of knitting a lace shawl again, where is my Creatures of the Reef shawl?

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