Saturday, November 02, 2019

All the Stores

That's what today was around here.  I'm helping fulfill someone else's vision for a baby shower.  I went to seven stores today, and this is what I have to show for my efforts.  I could try another location or two this week to find more of the flower dealies, (she wants twelve more besides these) but seeing as how I have committed myself to other tasks as well as actually attending the shower, I might let others continue the search.  

It's kind of funny to be part of this, as it is very much not my thing.  I realize that part of it is my introversion that makes me think that a cake, punch, and a notebook for writing down the gifts (if one absolutely must open presents at the party) should be quite enough.  I also want to look for the exits when trying to make someone feel special on their special day.  Ah, but this is not about me.  The shower giver and shower recipient are creating and having what they want, respectively.  I can pitch in and do my part, right? 
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