Monday, November 11, 2019

November Goals

I made a goal list for the month over on Team CrankyPants.  I confess that I included stuff I had already completed, but they were still part of my plans for the month.  I even kept something on the list that I knew wasn't going to happen, but making it through the deciding on the matter counts for me.  I also missed putting some things on the list over there that I will put here.  I hope this helps me get stuff done.  Oh, and because I try to have a picture in every post, that's me after the Veteran's Day parade in the shirt and badge I made and the beads I received. 
  • Baby Shower--as you know, this one is done and dusted
  • Veteran's Day--we went to the parade, it was something else--Facebook and a strip club were in the parade, and yes, I got beads
  • Wedding--we decided not to go, and I think that was the right choice
  • Mittens--I have a feeling I will never be done with mittens--ah, the loveliness of mitt-vember! 
  • Pick up stitches on my sweater--it can be for a sleeve or the front, but I want to resume progress on this
  • Knit tiny things--because I want to, because I have a list, and just because 
  • Baby Visit--this might be tough to make happen, and if we can't I need to mail the gift
  • Doctors' Appointments--We have questions and hope the docs have answers and/or a plan
  • Thanksgiving--We have an invite for out-of-town that we would love to take but don't see a realistic path for it, but Thanksgiving will happen, and we'll need to prepare wherever we're celebrating   
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