Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Back on Track

The sweater is going really well.  I was right to set it aside for a day.  I resumed work on it today and everything went much more smoothly.  The picking up of those stitches that I couldn't make work before didn't give me a bit of trouble.  I've made it past the decreases, and now I am just working stockinette in the round.  I'm past the halfway point on this sleeve.  The biggest problem I have with it is that I have to keep untwisting the sweater as I work round and round, and that isn't really a problem.  The sleeves on this only go to the elbow-ish, and I like that.  When I wear long sleeves, I'm usually pushing them up to that length, so it works perfectly that these sleeves will already be there.  Making progress on this makes me think that I could get both sleeves done this week.  I may be dreaming, but I'm going to keep going.  

Rather than subjecting you to another formless blob progress photo of my sweater, today I'll share a picture from a wonderful November afternoon from a couple of years ago.  I hope you have something good to do today and a nice memory to cherish.

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