Saturday, November 01, 2008

When Abbreviations Attack

I decided to take a double plunge. Not only am I doing NaKniSweMo, but also, NaBloPoMo. After I saw that I would be in good company, and received a bit of encouragement, it became an easy decision.

It was easy to plan for NaKniSweMo. I only hope the knitting goes as
smoothly. I will be knitting the February Lady Sweater for my sister. I did not tell her about it, but I think she knows I am planning a new knit for her. We discussed purples, and I think I know which she would prefer for her sweater.

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to come up with a nice plan for NaBloPoMo. I do admit that much of it relies on me making a fair amount of knitting progress. That concerns me a bit, but not too much. I think I might have fun with this.
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