Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Made It!

Why, yes, I did make another mistake on this lace, but I think it is one I can live with. I noticed that I neglected to work an eyelet row between the edging and center. I will just do the same on the other end. I saw this after I had worked two center chart repeats. Speaking of the center chart, I began knitting it in garter instead of stockinette. I am glad I noticed this after only one incorrect row.

I have accidentally yanked a needle out of the work halfway. Twice. I was able to get back on track easily enough. These kinds of problems are unusual for me.

There are good things to report on this project. Making the nupps has been smooth. I bumped up two needle sizes, and I am glad for that decision. I think the lace looks better this way.
This really is not a complicated pattern. My brain is just a bit fuzzy. Sometimes knitting something that requires a bit more concentration helps. I do not think this is one of those times. Therefore, I am going to work on something a bit less complicated today.

My plan for today is to knit hats and bask in the glory of successfully completing NaBloPoMo. I am surprised to have made it all the way through. No photo because the batteries need charging.
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