Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home Again

We are glad to be home again, and I am pleased to say that everything went well. In fact, it went better than well, in that we saw rays of hope. While we do not want to get our expectations too high or be unrealistic about the situation, it is nice to be able to look forward to possibility. Much of what has made these trips so difficult has been the seemingly hopelessness of it all. Oftentimes, this has overshadowed the joy that we have experienced through it all, and been so painful as to knock us down for days afterwards. I will leave this topic for now, knowing that I am not alone in my prayers for December 8th.

More good things happened while we were gone. I enjoyed
CalorimetryForMom some fabulous car-knitting. This resulted in a Calorimetry for Mom. I saw some buttons in the store the other day, and thought that they would be a possibility for these, and they work wonderfully. I am quite pleased, as the weather has made a turn for the much cooler.

I am glad to have so much knitting ahead of me to help warm others and myself, and celebrate many happy occasions. A baby's first birthday is rapidly sneaking up on us. In addition, today we received news of an upcoming wedding.
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