Friday, November 28, 2008

Plans Change

My Friday of sitting to knit and spin was not. Due to unforeseen complications, today was another day of watching my nephew. He has been so great that he is spending the night, too. We played a lot of video games, and engaged in general silliness.

Anyway, I still took time to knit today. I worked a few more rounds on the llama earflap hat. I have one more small chart before I begin the crown chart. I will have enough yarn to knit a few of these if I so choose. I think these kits could be nice gifts for fellow knitters. I am not planning anything, but the idea just struck me.

I worked on more hats for Jean. My nephew had cold ears and put on one of the finished hats. It did not take long before he needed to take it off because he was too hot. I take that to be a good sign. My husband continues to admire the growing pile, and thinks it would be a good idea to make some hats to keep.
I did not get to the re-start of my mom's Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf. I began it on Monday, but had to frog it. I began knitting the first chart in stockinette instead of garter lace. I was halfway through that chart when I saw my error, but it looked like it would work, so I continued. I worked the change in stitch count and began the main chart. It was then that I saw it would not work. I also wonder if maybe I ought to go up one needle size. What do you think?

My only disappointment in frogging this is that I had hoped it would be my mom's birthday present on Friday (December 5), but that does not appear likely. I have backup plans, so I am not too worried. It will be a wonderful gift whenever I finish it.

Speaking of gifts, I want to knit Miralda's Triangular Shawl (rav link) for someone. I may want to spin the yarn for it, too. I just thought of my bag of CVM. Yes, that could be lovely. Maybe I should make one for me, too.
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