Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taking a Breath

Thank you all for the encouragement and suggestions. Both knitting as fast as I can and holding my breath seem to be working. I am beginning to think this is going to work, but I do not want to jinx it with a photo. While the chronic oxygen deprivation seems to affect my speed, and the frequent blackouts also hinder my progress, I am getting the best ideas. After a few deep breaths, designing and knitting new Christmas stockings for everyone I know holds less appeal.

However, some ideas have stuck. I think it is time for some lace. I have been flipping through Knitted Lace of Estonia looking for my first project from the book. First off, I must say that this is a wonderful book, and a fabulous lace resource. There is so much information, many lovely patterns, and the stitch patterns in the back are inspiring. Anyway, I decided I would like to knit something for my mom, and I had already chosen the yarn. It is special yarn. I received a gift certificate from a friend, and when the yarn arrived, I knew it should be knit into a gift. It is GoGo Grassy Dream in Color Baby. I think this is perfect for Mom.

PeacockTailAndLeafScarfDICBabyGoGoGrassyYarnAs I looked at all the possibilities, I decided that the Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf is the perfect choice. With the finished dimensions of 15"x49" from 525 yards of fingering weight yarn, I think my 700 yards will make the perfect size scarf for her. I have never worked with DIC anything, let alone their Baby stuff. It is soft and nice, and it seems to me that it is between lace and fingering weights.

Now, I just need to keep from beginning the scarf. I think if I can remember that I ought have my wits about me before attempting to operate the swift and winder, I may be able to hold off for a few more days. If I cannot, I hope my husband knows to call knitting friends to help disentangle me.
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