Saturday, November 08, 2008

One Week Later

I am flying along with the February Lady Sweater. I would have shown it before, but I cannot get a nice picture of it. I decided that I could not wait any longer to show it. I promise that it is much nicer than this, and it keeps looking better each time I check the fit. I have not decided how long to work the body, but I am already thinking about buttons.

Las night, I had reason to browse my button box, and I confirmed my suspicions that I do not have any that will work for this sweater. This means I have a nice outing to look forward to soon. I like to shop for buttons. They are lovely little treasures.

Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. I do not know why I am so excited to have this finished. I love knitting it, and I still have most of the month left to complete it. I suppose it is because I am happy to make this for my sister, and I think she will really like it. I almost want to give it to her before Christmas.

If you have the yarn, needles, and desire to knit this sweater, I highly recommend it. This is such an enjoyable knit. The pattern is easy to follow. It is amazing how quick a sweater works up in worsted weight yarn. I just might have the body finished by the end of the weekend.
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