Monday, November 03, 2008

Autumn Afternoon

Weekend knitting was productive. We had a niece for the day on Sunday. All that stands between her and felting her purse are about five feet of i-cord. I kept my needles flying alongside her. She needed encouragement to keep going. The poor dear struggles with a chronic state of boredom, and difficulty keeping to an activity beyond the shiny stage. The fact that she is this close to the finish is quite an accomplishment for her. I hope we will be able to spend time with her again soon so she can complete it.While she worked on her purse, I was busy with a sweater. By the time she left, I only had one more set of raglan increases, and I started reading discussions on the February Lady Sweater. I wanted to familiarize myself with modifications others have made (no need to re-invent the wheel) and make myself aware of problems people have had with the pattern. Considering the fact that Ravelry shows 1013 finished FLS, I figure that the pattern is good, and I should achieve the desired results. However, having just enough yarn to knit the sweater has had me a bit anxious. Add to this the sizing issues people have encountered and the fact that it is a gift, and you will find me constantly checking and re-checking. I have already put it on waste yarn and tried it on, and it looked like it might be OK. For now, it is almost time to separate the sleeves from the body, and I am looking forward to the shorter rows.
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