Thursday, November 20, 2008

Put My Left Hand In

The new sweater is still not dry, but it is getting close. I love this sweater. I tried it on, and began to wonder if perhaps my sister might like a scented candle or bubble bath for Christmas instead. Actually, I am excited to give this to her, and feel great about having it done. Well, it still needs buttons, but that is not a problem.

Lately, my knitting has been for others. I love to knit for people, but it is important to make things for me, too. With one major present completed, I knew it was time for me. As I thought of what I wanted
LMMMto knit for myself, my cold hands called out the most. I thought about starting something from Selbuvotter, but I already had colorwork going. Then the new Knotions went live, and I knew what I wanted to knit.

I had first noticed the Magic Mirror Mittens in Ravelry queues, and was immediately interested. This is a wonderful pattern. I have already finished the left mitten. It was quick and fun. I look forward to knitting the second mitten even more because of the direction of the cables on that one. Those are easier for me to knit. I am excited about having a new pair of mittens soon.
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