Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hats Everywhere!

I decided to settle in with the wool and knit some hats for Jean. I do not know how many I will be able to knit, but I love knitting them. I just need to remember when I put that other bag of yarn. Wait! I do believe I sorted it into its proper bins. Imagine that, eh? Yes, the yarn I want to use is in one of the bottom containers. I will get to it when I need it. I do have a bit of other yarn to knit with for now.

Anyway, these hats are great for on-the-go knitting. I grabbed one of my smaller knitting bags, a needle, an assortment of yarns, and carry it with me everywhere. I am close to finishing the second hat. The automatic knitting has soothed me when I worried, and helped to pass time when I have needed to wait. I think I have knit half of a hat in Costco. I definitely need to take this with me to the grocery store tomorrow.

I am pleased with the way I have been doing jogless color changes as I add the stripes. It is fantastic to completely use some small balls of yarn that I have been saving. For example, I am completely out of the green I have used on these first two hats. I think the next one will have mostly red along with an oatmeal. I am getting to remember other things I knit as I work through each small ball of yarn.

I feel strongly about doing quality work when I knit for charity. I sometimes worry about it a bit more than is helpful. What have helped me to quiet those concerns have been the compliments on what I am knitting. I tried the first hat on myself to see that it would fit a somewhat larger head. Then I tried it on my husband. He said, "Oooh, this is a nice hat. Who is it for, buddy?" I think maybe he needs a new hat, too, but he will have to wait.
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