Sunday, November 13, 2011


The annoying cold continues to drag on, but I think my brain is getting closer to coming into focus. I have high hopes for a more productive week. I had better be more productive, because my lying about has me behind on housework. Last week was also complicated by three or four days of Aunt Sarah duty due to an ill nephew, and then Veteran's Day on Friday was time with both the niece and the nephew. The parade was good, and then I fell asleep for a few minutes during Puss in Boots. Anyway, assuming that no one caught my cold, this week should be calmer. Maybe I can even prepare for next week; it is going to be a big one. Not only will there be Thanksgiving, but also more Aunt Sarah duty. My sister hopes that I will keep my nephew this weekend so that she and her sweetie can have a weekend away. Her hopes are about to be dashed. I want a weekend away with my sweetie, but I know this is not the time for that.

I will settle for having some time to knit and watch Dexter. I just received last season's dvd set, and I am ready to see what happened. I so enjoy settling in to watch a television show on dvd, just escaping from my brain for a few hours.

Speaking of my brain...

Help :: Me
Close :: Call
Start over :: Again
Dirt :: Gossip
Kilometer :: Mile
Speedy :: Gonzales
Shop :: Closed
Trumpet :: Horn
Dog :: Hair
Canoe :: Tip

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