Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peanuts to Moose

I was good at kept with my cardi, and it is back on track. However, the excitement with Salt Peanuts is reaching that point where I need better powers of concentration. I am about 1 1/2 inches before the directions include this note:
Armhole shaping, neck shaping, pattern reversal for collar, and short-rows for collar worked at the same time; read the following instructions all the way through to the end before proceeding.
Of course, the best part about that means that I am really closing in on the end of this piece, and that feels good. I also think it will feel good to wrap up in this sweater. I think it is going to be very cozy and comfortable. I hope that I am right about that.

After this, I can move on to other knitting. While I did briefly feel the need to cast-on for something new, I think I am feeling more like finishing other knits first. First up on the finishing list, of course, are the Sea Mineral Mittens. I think that will pretty much take care of the w.i.p. pile, and that is
another good feeling.

MischievousMooseForJThen, I will move on to some gift knitting. I just found out that someone has lost his hat and would really like a new one. I understand that there was even an offer to pay, but I just do not want to get into that. If they want to do something, they can, but I would rather not have that discussion. I will knit the hat, and knowing that it will be appreciated and worn means a lot to me.
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