Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Timely Ten

As I have been suffering snuffling along with this stupid cold for the past few days, it was easy to compile a list for this week's Ten on Tuesday topic.

Ten Ways You Care for Yourself When You Have a Cold

1. Neti Pot--It takes a bit of getting used to this one, but it really helps
2. Puffs Plus with Lotion--When I need to use a lot of tissues, these are much easier on my skin
3. Tea--It helps me get in the fluids that I need, so I drink a lot of weak tea
4. Chicken Soup--They say it helps, and they say if is all mental. I really do not care what they say; I
just know that it feels soothing when I am sick.
5. Juice--Again, they can continue to debate debate whether Vitamin C helps, but I am still drinking my orange juice
6. Mindless Knitting--When that is the extent of my abilities, once I get going, I can crank out miles of this stuff*
7. Lemon Water--Getting in enough fluids is important, and a little lemon in my water really helps me stick with it
8. Hand Lotion--Washing my hands often is important, but it leaves them needing a good hand lotion
9. Hand Sanitizer--For those times when I cannot get up and wash my hands or do not have access to soap and water
10. Hot Bath/Shower--It can help ease breathing and warms me up when I feel chilled

*The Proof:
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