Monday, November 07, 2011

State of the Sweater

When I made my bold declaration that I would finish a sweater this month, I knew that at some point it would mean actually picking up the pieces of my long-neglected Salt Peanuts and assessing the situation. Now that I look at it, this big, crumpled pile of gray wool no longer feels overwhelming. I can see how it may not look very promising right now, but I am so close. I just have to finish one of the front pieces; I just have to figure out where I am in the pattern. Yeah, letting this sit for so long was not one of my better choices.

I do not even remember why I set it aside. Probably, it was because the weather turned horribly hot and I could not face putting more work into something when it seemed like it would be ages until I could actually wear it. Now, however, our weather is featuring cooler temperatures on a more frequent basis, and I want to have my new cardigan. Additionally, Helen has joined me in the agreement to finish a sweater this month, and I do not want to let down my accountabilibuddy.

I super-swear this is not an excuse to put-off my deadline knitting. I am working on it, and it will be done soon, too. Now it is just a race to see which I complete first.
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