Thursday, November 24, 2011

Baby's First Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! This is a favorite of mine, and it does my heart good to celebrate a day of thankfulness. Every day, of course, there are many reasons to choose to feel thankful, and I know my days are better when I make this choice. I am grateful to be joining in with others in celebrating this day, and whatever I do today, I hope it shows.

So, what is with the title of today's post, you might ask? Well, the son purchased a house last month, (another reason to be thankful) so this is his first Thanksgiving in his new home. He played the part of the host for the big shindig. Since he is still very new to learning about the mysterious happenings of the kitchen, (so many stories) we brought the food.

Weird, wacky, and wonderful do not even begin to describe the day, and I do not have enough words to describe how thankful I am for it all.

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