Tuesday, November 01, 2011


It probably does not bode well for my NaBloPoMo goals that I did not finish my sort-of-Socktober socks. Seeing as this is just a plain pair of toe-up socks that I began well in advance of the start of the month, it is pretty sad that they are stalled at just one and almost one-half.

I do understand why they are sitting on the needles, just waiting for me to make the time for them. Since it is just plain stockinette, I can really zip along with them while not giving any thought or attention to what I am doing. However, they are quite close to the heel-turn, and that means I need to put my focus on what I am doing. No, intense concentration is not necessary for the heel-turn itself, but some is for making sure that I begin it at the right time. It is just too easy to zone out and keep going round and round without thinking. Once I get the heel started, the sock can return to its rightful place as anytime mindless knitting. It also promises to be a convenient excuse for avoiding some deadline knitting that I ought to be doing right now.
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