Saturday, November 12, 2011


I picked up a little yarn at a sale several months ago, and when I showed my purchases to my mom, she took a special interest in a ball of mystery laceweight. She usually joins me in oohs and aahs over pretty yarn, but I could tell that she could see that yarn becoming something for her. This discussion reminded me of another we had about shawls a few weeks before, and I began to formulate a plan. Then, the idea melted away with eleventy-billion degrees of the summer.

Well, it is not summer now, and her birthday is not too far away, (but not too close to do this) so I think it is time to plan for her new lace. I have been flipping through my books, and I have some ideas. I know that she is looking for something triangular and not too big. That gives me many options. I could use an established pattern and knit it as written. However, I could take a stitch pattern and use it to plan a pattern on my own. I guess that can be called designing, but that feels like too grand of a term.

Anyway, the first step is to calculate the yardage on my mystery laceweight yarn. As that is not my strong suit, that might be the most challenging part of this process.

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