Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy NaSpiMoMo

The new year has begun, and with it, NaSpiMoMo. It is a month to spin more. I am ready. Having plied and finished that superwash was somewhat inspirational. It is much softer than much of what I have spun in the past. It was good to sit back down at the wheel after the extended time away. Also, I am waiting for the yarn to arrive for my Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan, and spinning is such a nice way to spend time.

I am beginning with a little bag of silk. A friend gave this to me for Christmas, and I am eager to try it. This is my first go with silk. It feels so nice. I wonder how it will spin up. I may even have a go at dyeing this stuff. I am thinking bright, loud colors might be right for this.

Beyond spinning more, I am not setting myself any spinning goals for the month, but I do have a hope. I would like to spin enough so that my fiber stash fits in its container. It outgrew its box last year a little.
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