Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nice try, but my head was built with paradox-absorbing crumple zones

Thank you for all the kind words. I am feeling a little better. I am getting ready to order the yarn for my Fair Isle yoke cardigan. I found this chart, and used it to help guess how much I will need. FairIsleYokeCardiganColorsI have decided to use Iris Heather for my main color, and Blush, Hyacinth, Cream, and Blue Note Heather for the colorwork. I have also considered seeing how Garnet Heather, Marine Heather, Clematis Heather, Rainforest Heather, Calypso Heather, Lilac, or Purple might work in the mix. I think I will be all right with my guess of ten balls of my main color. It is my guess that at 231 yards in each 50g ball, I should not need more than one each of the colors used in the Fair Isle yoke portion. There will be quite a lot of plain stockinette in the round before I get to that part.

MeidaMistakeMittenCuffI have begun a pair of mittens for myself. They are Meida's Mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia by Nancy Bush. I have chosen Navy, Ivy, Red, and Cream for these. I am past the colorwork on the first mitten. The next thing is adding the waste yarn for the thumb, and then it is mindless stockinette until the decreases for the top of the mitten.

I finally plied the bobbin of superwash singles that have been sitting on the bobbin for so long. The finished yarn is drying now. I got to try out one of my new bobbins and my precision lazy kate that I got for Christmas. My husband expected something more from the lazy kate, but I am pleased with it. I was able to use the downtime for sanding, finishing, and assembling.
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