Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Potassium Hydroxide*!

My niece is only three, but she has brought so much to our lives. She is adventurous and a force of nature, and we are always interested to hear her latest story. Gaze upon the innocent babe while I share one with you now.They looked for Kaitlyn in her bed, but she was not there. She was asleep on her older sister, Autumn's, bedroom floor. Autumn had stayed up late working on a project for school. Autumn knows that the scissors belong on top of the refrigerator, but she was tired. Upon reaching this point of the story, I just felt for Autumn, knowing that her schoolwork was destroyed. I was wrong. Kaitlyn awoke, and announced, "Mommy, look at my new haircut!" Her mother cried. Kaitlyn's hair had nearly recovered from last year's hair removal adventures (you do not want to know). I hear that it is not that bad, but I think I will start on some hats for her anyway.

*Yes, I love that my niece has the initials, KOH!
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