Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Warm Arms

Sleeves continue. First a TYC (done), then an EPS FIYC (nearly done), then I begin another TYC. People who already thought my sanity shaky believe me to have completely lost it when they see that I am knitting aEPSFIYCSleeveAndShetlandAngoraHandspun 1432x1337 cardigan for myself out of Palette. When I first arrived on Monday night, the table was populated by new people who found our gathering through Ravelry. They were knitting socks. They saw the beginning of my sleeve and thought I was knitting a sock, too. They gave me a wary look when I told them it was the sleeve to a sweater. They seem to doubt that I will complete this project. By the end of the night, I had finished all of my sleeve increases and was working straight stockinette. I would show a picture of me with mismatched sleeves, but it is hard to take that picture yourself. Instead, please enjoy me in my EPS FIYC sleeve holding my Shetland/Angora handspun.

When there is endless stockinette, I find myself searching and surfing. Sometimes I end up on eBay. It is no surprise that I was not top bidder on a copy of Charlene Schurch's Mostly Mittens. I never bid on it. I would not have spent days pushing the price higher. I would have waited for the
end. However, it passed my price range days ago, but I had to see what the final bid was. It went for $127.50 with shipping. That is why it is not mine. Also, I have not finished the two pairs of mittens I have in progress, not to mention the long line of patterns I already own and hope to knit. Then there is that pair I saw a picture of that I am going to figure out on my own. Of course, I need a one more ball of Palette to make those, and that is way down the line. Besides, I have never even seen this book in person. I know of a friend who owns it. I bet I have another friend who owns it and does not know it. I can wait. That's right eBay; you are beaten by patience and real life.

Speaking of waiting, I have not received a response from Knit Picks on a set of defective cords I received. Both in the package were bad. If I do not hear from them tomorrow, I will give them a call. I have not really even thought of the waiting time on some fiber that is on its way to me. However, I will be on the lookout for the results of a swap. I am clearing out a huge bunch of crochet cotton thread. In return, I will receive some wool yarn. I just need to finish packaging it all up and get it shipped. I think this is going to take four boxes. I believe I have found an extra prize to include in each box.

p.s. It's almost Groundhog Day!
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