Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Inching Along

I thought that the sleeve-work would move swiftly, but I was wrong. I have worked my help sheet forTYCCuffAndMore knitting the sleeves on my TYC. I do not have too much to show for actual knitting progress, but I have good reasons for this.

I made it out to be with the Skanks on Monday and stayed most of the time. It went pretty well. Much of my time that night went to teaching. I managed to teach two new people to knit. They are already crocheters, so my job was easy. By the time I left, the long-tail cast on, and the knit stitch were mastered. There was also some tinking and catching of mistakes. I demonstrated the knitted cast on, and taught one of the ladies how to bind off, too. There was a brief gauge lesson, and we determined how many stitches she needs to cast on to begin the baby blanket she wants to knit. They showered me with compliments, but I think it had less to do with my teaching abilities and more to do with their needle arts skills.

Another reason for the slow progress on the sleeve is that I have been doing some stealth knitting. Yep, those bobbins are part of it. Intarsia is a new one for me. I am about halfway through with this project. It is not portable (see bobbins), but I have gotten down a nice rhythm with it. It is worth noting that this particular piece requires seven bobbins. Ah, but it looks good. I like to stop and admire both the front and the back of the project, as they both look good. I cannot show you more, because I do not always know who peeks in on the blog. I would rather be safe than sorry, even though I am pretty sure that the recipient of this secret knitting is not one of my loyal readers.

Beneath the sleeve and bobbins, you see that blue stuff. There was some yarn up for grabs on Monday, so I snagged two balls. I think I have an idea for this. It could become more sneaky knitting.

It is just as well that my Knit Picks order did not arrive today. Yes, the in-home estimator predicted delivery for the 15th, but it was wrong. Surely, it will arrive on Wednesday, and perhaps I will be past the garter rib on the first sleeve. The excitement just never ends around here, does it?
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